Professional Dry Cleaning

Professional Dry Cleaning Is Fantastic

Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned Efficiently 

If you intend to go to the office in street clothes, you may have a bit of a trouble. The problem with suits, however, is that they require a certain level of maintenance, which you can't manage in your home, that's where we come in.

Get your clothes cleaned and ironed with expert precision. Stop worrying about whether or not your suit is beginning to smell - get it over for a dry-cleaning session at Queens Dry Cleaners & Laundromats. You'll be happily surprised with the results.
Dry Cleaning

Environment-Friendly Dry Cleaning

All of the chemicals we use in our treatment process for your clothes are environment-friendly or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Don't feel trapped by your desire for a better world! Have us do the laundry.

Our Services

  • Executive shirt service
  • Alterations or repairs
  • Stain removal
  • Hand pressed with care
Call us at
East : 715-832-9291 
West : 715-835-4234 
for quality laundry services. 
Besides dry cleaning, our services could also include the custom cleaning of laundry. After all, Grandpa's old coat may be getting fragile with age, but it would be a shame to lose it as it has been passed onto you. Call us for more information, and we'll see what else we can do for you. Consider visiting our normal laundromat.
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